Welcome to Groundwork, a series of workshops grounded in Mindfulness based practices, tailored to reconnect with your body, rediscover your passions, live with intention and realign with your authentic self. We don’t always know where the road lies ahead, but we can know where we are now, and build the groundwork to find our path forward. Developed and led by Amy Winters, registered psychologist, and Brenda Rooney, 500hr certified yoga instructor, Groundwork offers a safe and supportive space to develop, explore and expand your Mindfulness practice. #StayGrounded


How strong is your foundation?

Whether you are new to Mindfulness or looking to deepen and expand your current practice, this workshop is designed to reconnect with your authentic sense of self, rediscover your passions, reconnect with the body and foster present moment awareness.  Foundations offers a combination of learning, movement, and breath, focusing on foundational skills that set the groundwork for a meaningful and sustainable Mindfulness practice.


Are you feeling stuck in your current life circumstances? Do you hold beliefs about yourself or your life that limit the options that feel possible? Or maybe you’re seeking personal growth, but are unsure of where to start? When we become attached to an aspect or idea about ourselves that is outdated, it limits the possibilities that we see available to us, and we get “stuck”. Unstuck offers a deeper exploration of our conceptual self, the beliefs we hold, the narratives we attach to and the barriers we create to living a fully authentic life. When we learn to identify and release our limiting beliefs, we let go of the ideas that hold us back and become open to the opportunities in front of us. This creates space to reconnect with our authentic self, and our ability to set and achieve goals.