Mindfulness stems from a foundation of being here now and bringing our attention and awareness to the present moment. We may not always know where the path lies ahead, but we can know where we are now, and focus there.

The Mindfulness-Based Approach

I work from a Mindfulness-based approach to mental health and wellness in my daily life and in my approach to individual counselling. Whether you are seeking to reclaim your life from anxiety, manage stress in an adaptive way, strengthen your sense of self, be more patient in your relationships, or be more focused and present in your own life – Mindfulness can be a valuable daily practice.

I work with adults who are feeling out of touch with who they are, are feeling stuck in their current life circumstances, are feeling distracted in their daily activities, or are feeling overwhelmed by excessive stress or worry. I work with individuals at various life stages to identify, understand and work through barriers to their own mental health and wellness.