Are you (or your child) struggling to meet learning objectives in the classroom? Is your child falling behind or lacking confidence as a learner? Has learning to read been a challenging experience? Are you (or a family member) struggling to focus at home, work, or school? Are these challenges interfering with academic achievement or success in the workplace? An assessment is an important first step in understanding and overcoming personal challenges.

Psychoeducational Assessment

A psycho-educational assessment involves an evaluation of an individual’s cognitive skills (IQ), academic abilities, and emotional/behavioral functioning. When students are struggling in their learning, a psycho-educational assessment can help to understand why and more importantly, how to help.

Attention Assessment (ADHD)

Are you (or your child) struggling with focus, attention, or impulsivity? Has your child recently been diagnosed with ADHD and do you see similar traits in yourself? Or perhaps you are a mature student and are requiring an updated assessment for post-secondary accommodation? An attention assessment can be an effective way to identify, understand and overcome attention-related challenges.

An attention assessment involves a comprehensive evaluation of attention regulation and behavioural functioning, to evaluate for the potential of an underlying attention disorder (ADHD).

Assessment Services – what can I expect?

Assessment Services – what can I expect?

Initial Intake Interview

At this appointment, we discuss your concerns and clarify assessment needs. An assessment plan is developed that is suited to your referral question(s) and goals.

Next Steps can Include:

  • File Review (review of academic records and any previous assessment reports)
  • Forms and rating scales
  • ​Standardized Testing (Psych-Ed)
  • Individual assessment session (ADHD)
  • ​Scoring and Interpretation​
  • ​Completion of an Assessment Report

Communicating Assessment Results:

Once the assessment is complete, we will schedule a Feedback Meeting. You will be provided with a copy of the assessment report at this appointment, including strategies and resources, based on the assessment outcomes. The goal of this session is for individuals to ask questions and leave with a clear plan, including strategies to overcome any identified challenges.

Strength-Based Approach

My strength based approach to assessment is grounded in the belief that personal growth and positive change come through learning. I work extensively with youth, parents, adults and families to understand assessment outcomes, develop a clear intervention plan, and connect with appropriate resources.